Jon Aedyn King’s Artwork


Jon Aedyn King started his formal art training during his high school years in Malta. He received some recognition when he was selected to display some of his work for a television interview. Encouraged, he decided to develop his skill further. Though he was seemingly trained in the Renaissance styles, his attention to the art world was quite varied with an interest in artists as diverse as Lolita Lempicka to Dennis Hopper.
His personal focus was initially the human study. Using vivid colours (something which hasn’t changed) he developed a unique approach to painting. Jon uses mixed media on most of his works, with a large affinity to acrylic and more recently, gouache. He almost always uses metallics in some way or occasionally gold/silver leaf. This gives his paintings a mutable quality that alter substantially with angle or light.
It is clear to see that Jon’s art has a touch of the surreal, a quality animated with the use of bright bold colour. He also has an allegorical quality to his work, referring to certain archetypes like pregnant women, ropes/strings (representing a ‘bound’ quality) and planets.