Jon Aedyn King


Jon Aedyn King is a multi-tiered artist working across several media which include screenwriting, video art, photography, editing and of course painting. He has one dream; to eventually combine as many of his passions into his daily working life as is possible.

Choosing a life of freelance and having a project-based work ethic, he doesn't work to a set audience but rather for himself first. He writes tirelessly in the arena of poetry, short stories and scripts. His dream is to soon work as a film director to bring his screenplays to life. He has written feature length scripts and more recently a sitcom. His genre is heavily geared in dark comedy, avantgarde and suspense (and usually marrying the three).

He respects the tough graft of dedicated artists, which has given him the further ambition to someday own his own art gallery. "An art gallery would be a platform and a networking place for other artists, a place for community before business." Though he would work across the film field, he would also cut between working on big projects and smaller projects (such as important documentaries) and help collaborate. Believing that many in the industry are not given a voice, he would use his personal brand to help syphon resources to young hopefuls to assist them with achieving their dream and thus deliver their message. "The reality is artists are either hugely impeded or excessively fueled in our current workforce. I someday wish to create more balance."

Education is not his main fixture, though it might be relevant to some that he has a BA in Psychology & Communications and an MA in Film & Digital Image which he achieved at the University of Malta and the University of Sydney respectively. Jon has traveled extensively and lived abroad in several places such as Brazil, New Zealand, Australia and the US, something he attributes to his development as an artist.

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  • Painting
  • writing
  • editing
  • casting
  • directing